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Once again I am making my plans to attend the NAB Show 2013. This will be my 11th year in a row for attending NAB so I wanted to share some tips for those going, or thinking of going.

First off, it's not too late to register to attend the NAB Show and the Calgary FCPUG, in co-operation with the NAB Show can help. However, the deadline for these deals is coming to an end soon. You have until March 22nd to take advantage of these deals.

Code for $100 off Conference Registration: PR28 (link with code prepopulated):

Code for free Exhibits-only Registration: PR13 (link with code prepopulated):

Once you are registered for NAB you need to get a hotel. One option is to use the NAB Show hotel reservation site. Of course, there is also sites like Expedia,, etc. You will also need to book a flight. As one of the biggest trade shows of the year you do not want to hesitate too long to book your flight and accommodation.

If your chosen hotel is along The Strip consider taking the Las Vegas Monorail to and from the convention centre each day. Though buses run from most hotels to the conventions centre the Monorail can be faster and more convenient depending which hotel you are staying at. Get a special rate on Monorail passes by clicking here.

Why do you want to attend NAB? Check out this great article by Earle Nichol at Matrix Video Communications here in Calgary. It is a great opportunity to meet other people from all around the world who are doing what you do, or doing what you would like to be doing, or even doing things completely outside of what you are doing from which you can learn a surprising amount. Curiously, it is also a great opportunity to meet people from your own community who you might not normally have access to; a better networking opportunity is pretty hard to find.

Speaking of networking, why not attend the biggest editors' network event on the planet, the 12th annual Las Vegas Supermeet which will be held again this year at the Rio Hotel in the Amazon Ballroom, which after the technical problems of last year is a welcome return. You can still pick up early bird tickets for the event until March 12th. Best of all, you could win one of the dozens of door prizes given away every year. Last year Calgary members did very well; don't let the fact I have never won a door prize discourage you in any way.

Of course, there are a number of other opportunities for networking. I always try to get to the Canadian Hospitality Suite, which is traditionally held in one of the ballrooms of the Flamingo Hotel. Often the manufacturers of various hardware and software also have events at NAB. Oh, and there is the show floor. Take the chance to meet the people who make the products you use. You will see companies like Avid, Adobe, and Autodesk providing demonstrations and teaching lessons. As well, take the time to drop by our Sponsor, Blackmagic Design and our Platinum Sponsor, AJA Video Systems, and say thanks for their support.  Take a break and take a seat for even more learning at the Post Pit in the Lower South Hall. Even take the time to learn about things outside your particular field. You might be surprised what you can learn stepping outside your area of expertise.

Last of all, the Calgary FCPUG traditionally has a meet-up on the opening morning of the exhibit floor (this year Monday April 8th). We meet up at the front entrance of the Lower South Hall by the Starbucks. I hope to meet as many members there as possible. Enjoy NAB!

Member Colin Marth has submitted an article about the current state of FCP X which I have posted below. Visit Colin's Blog to read more of his thoughts, hints and tips. Since the article was written Apple has posted an article about Electric Entertainment using FCP X to edit Season 5 of the TNT series Leverage. Okay, on with Colin's thoughts:

It’s time we dealt with details. How can FCP X be used in a T.V. or Film House Production workflow? Let’s discuss, in short, what FCP X can do, what it cannot, and what is yet to be added, that will support professional workflows.


FCP 7 Projects to FCP X and FCP X to 7: Yes

Tape import and export: Yes

Shared Network support: Yes (Apple XSAN Only)

XML Import and Export: Yes (FCP XML Language files only)

OMF. AAF files export: Yes (For AAF files, specifically for Avid Pro Tools 7)

ALE files: YES (With a third party workaround and FCP 7)

Color Bars and Tone for Broadcast: NO


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Recently the Boston FCPUGs and the FCPUG Network changed the name of their organizations to better reflect the open nature of their support groups to Creative Pro User Group (CPUG), a relatively simple change to the acronym of FCPUG but a significant shift from the Final Cut Pro focus that these groups were originally based on. Though I do not have any personal knowledge of why these groups choose to change their names (and focus) at this time it seems fair to surmise that with the introduction of Final Cut Pro X, discontinuation of Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Server, and the subsequent shift of professional editors to finding other, more "future-proof" solutions, they saw the writing on the wall and choose a more inclusive name. These groups are not just about Final Cut Pro, and with both AVID and Adobe being major sponsors, it was time to more fairly reflect the nature of the groups. What does that mean to the Calgary FCPUG?


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Welcome to 2012, a New Year, and a great new year for the Calgary FCPUG and its members! This year the Calgary FCPUG welcomes a Platinum Sponsor, AJA Video Systems (click their banner above) who are providing hardware to test, funds for even more hardware, and some great door prizes. Additional sponsorship from Blackmagic Design (see their banner in the sidebar) includes even more door prizes and Artbeats continues their support for our group.



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In the last article I wrote back in February I optimistically speculated on the future of Final Cut Pro. I argued that despite the dispair and fear of the future there was very good reason to be excited about what we now knew Apple must be working on. We learned that a select few professional editors had been called in to consult on the next version of Final Cut Pro. It was certain to be modern, slick, and amazing. Sure, there would be changes, but Apple already made the best editing software on the planet and they were certainly going to release something even better.





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