A mere month ago to predict the end of FCP might have been extremist, but the concern was understandable. FCPs main competitors, AVID and Adobe, had been making steady gains, and some significant leaps forward, while FCP seemed to be, well, wallowing. While AVID became more open (working with non-AVID codecs like ProRes), which seemed unimaginable for AVID, and Adobe made the leap to 64-bit, made Premiere more FCP-like, and actively (and successfully) wooed FCP editors into their fold, what was Apple up to? Well, Apple released a new iPhone, the iPad, talked about the iOS and killed the XServe and XServe RAID. As a member of this forum you would have read about how Apple had engineers hard at work and was product-testing a new version of FCP, but any reader could be forgiven for skepticism and despair.

This morning, as I write, we know Apple has done the unthinkable (for Apple, at least) and let a limited, select number of Pro users preview the next version of FCP which may well be released in April (check my prediction in the forum) and it very well may be awesome! Apple has also just released a new MacBook Pro that puts the "Pro" back into the name, in particular with the new Thunderbolt connectivity. There is a lot to be said about Thuderbolt, and a lot of unanswered questions, but here is how I see it: Apple just added six (6) PCIe slots to the MackBook Pro. The current MacPro towers only have four! This technology is going to be HUGE, and it will change our lives in editing, possibly sooner than any of us can imagine!

With Mac OS Lion coming out this year as well it is suddenly a good time to be an FCP editor again, and likely the best year to attend NAB just to see what is happening with Thunderbolt, and to see if Apple makes a surprise showing off-site. Suddenly it's a brave new world for FCP, and for that I am happy. At least for today.

Written on Sunday, 27 February 2011 10:13 by Duane

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  1. yeal really exciting, and i could not love fcp more

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