Recently the Boston FCPUGs and the FCPUG Network changed the name of their organizations to better reflect the open nature of their support groups to Creative Pro User Group (CPUG), a relatively simple change to the acronym of FCPUG but a significant shift from the Final Cut Pro focus that these groups were originally based on. Though I do not have any personal knowledge of why these groups choose to change their names (and focus) at this time it seems fair to surmise that with the introduction of Final Cut Pro X, discontinuation of Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Server, and the subsequent shift of professional editors to finding other, more "future-proof" solutions, they saw the writing on the wall and choose a more inclusive name. These groups are not just about Final Cut Pro, and with both AVID and Adobe being major sponsors, it was time to more fairly reflect the nature of the groups. What does that mean to the Calgary FCPUG?

As the oldest Final Cut Pro Users Group in Canada (first meeting in April 2003, let me know if I am wrong) these changes have affected the Calgary FCPUG as well. Apple has never sponsored the group or done anything to encourage its existence, but members still joined and met regularly for the past nine years and our common bond was the use of Final Cut (Pro and Express) in our editing environment. In truth, this is still the case for our group. Though some members are exploring alternate solutions most members continue to primarily use Final Cut, and several are already adopting Final Cut Pro X for their needs where applicable.

So what is a User Group to do? Rebranding to Calgary CPUG may not seem significant, but it is, in fact, a royal pain; note that though the BOSCPUG has changed their name their web addresses continues to be and likely will remains so. At our last meeting on February 23 the Calgary FCPUG briefly discussed the fact that though members might be exploring other options, and we wanted to encourage as many editor of all ilks to become involved in the group, this was not the time to make a major name change. Perhaps we would de-emphasize the "Final Cut Pro User Group" name and strictly use the moniker FCPUG, but we were still predominantly Final Cut users and that's why we gathered. However, given that this emphasis might change in the future, but the acronym should stay the same, we welcomed suggestions for making the acronym continue to work with a potential re-focus. Here are some suggestions (tongue firmly planted in cheek):

Fantasticly Creative Pro User Group;

Fabulously Cunning Post-production User Group;

Fairweather Creative People User Group (a FCP diehard!).

What do our members think? What's in a name? Would a FCPUG by any other name smell so sweet?

Written on Saturday, 03 March 2012 13:36 by Duane

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  1. How about Final Cut Pro Unfaithful Group.
    Since many people are switching...
    Glad to see that after that many years, this group is still alive and kicking, thanks mainly to you Duane!
    Keep it going, unfaithful FCP users!

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