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Compressor - Unable to Submit Queue
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TOPIC: Compressor - Unable to Submit Queue

Compressor - Unable to Submit Queue 10 years, 6 months ago #16062

First let me say that after 2 months of trying I have not been able to get Compressor 3 to work yet. In the words of an Apple repair person I met, "It vexed me and refused to submit to repair!"

The first problem that I had was that the program wouldn't open. No error message, no "Compressor" in the task bar, nothing. With the help of Duane's instruction on this page, and then running an update to 3.0.1, I have been able to get it to open.

However when I submit a batch it says "Unable to submit to queue. Please restart your computer or verify your Compressor installation is correct." Of corse restarting doesn't help and there is no way that I know of to verify that your compressor installation is correct. I've searched, if you can find a way to do this please let me know. (I've got to hand it to Apple on that one. I dream of a day when error messages mean something.)

I have found postings by other people with this problem on Apples web site who say that Apple Care was not able to help them. The only person posting who seems to have been able to fix it did an archive and re-install. Since trying to solve this issue I have; repaired permissions, updated OSX, FCP, Compressor, Quicktime and the rest of the FCS2 to the latest releases, and passed just a little tiny bit of blood in my urine due to the stress over getting the current project out.

When updating and installing I made sure that there were no other programs open, no fire wire devices of any kind connected to the computer, and no trolls hiding in my closet.

Any suggestions for what to else to try short of an archive and install?

Re: Compressor - Unable to Submit Queue 10 years, 6 months ago #16063

Problem solved. Here's what I did.

First Go to: System Preferences/Sharing and under services tab make sure there is a name in the "Computer Name:" box.

Second: Click on "Reset background processing" under the word "Compressor" in the task bar.

Third: Close Compressor and then restart Compressor.

Thanks to some careful posters on the Apple Compressor forum. (The rest of the posters made me realize how good this forum is.)

Re: Compressor - Unable to Submit Queue 10 years, 6 months ago #16073

  • Duane_Martin
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Thanks for posting that information, Martin. I am assuming when you wrote "System Settings" you meant "System Preferences", found under the blue Apple in the top left of the menu bar? Just checking so that others can follow along at home.

There is a great little reference guide available through Peachpit press called Apple Pro Training Series: Compressor 3 Quick-Reference Guide which has really helped me to get the most out of Compressor 3. It also helped me set up my computer to use all of its processors when encoding codecs, like H.264, which are not multi-threaded.

How is it, do you think, that you did not have a name set for your computer, as this is part of the initial set-up?
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Re: Compressor - Unable to Submit Queue 10 years, 6 months ago #16091

Thanks for catching that Duane. I have been obsessing on the phrase "Systemsettings" because that is how it was used by a poster who was giving "detailed" information on how to fix the same problem that I had on a different forum. It was very frustrating to try to follow along with someone who wasn't calling things by the correct name, - and then I went and did it too. I'm ashamed. I will fix the original post.

How did my computer loose it's name? That's a very good question and has had me thinking also. Of course I never deleted the name, I didn't even know that that particular screen existed. My only thought is that Apple Care finally solved a more than 3 year old problem 2 months ago by replacing the mother board and the power supply. Thinking back however I do remember that OSX crashed during the initial setup. But I have done an archive and install since then and made it through the set up then.

I honestly have never had everything on this computer working once in the 3 1/2 years I have owned it. Between my G5 lemon and the lastest FCS issues that I've been having, I'm not a very happy Apple customer right now.

Re: Compressor - Unable to Submit Queue 10 years, 4 months ago #17035

  • QTmonster
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Hi Martin,

Thanks for posting your solution here. I came across the exact same problem just today and after following your instruction, it worked! I've just recently installed FCS2 in this comp so this is the first time I tested the new Compressor 3.

Funny thing is, I don't remember inputting a name in Apple > System Preferences > Sharing > Services tab > Computer Name before and yet Compressor 2 under FCS1 worked wonders for me. You reckon it's a bug? Well I'm happy it works now...just that I'm curious about the connection between typing a name inside the Computer Name field and batch-processing a compression job in Compressor  :-/

Compressor Unable to Submit Queue 8 years, 9 months ago #20030

Ive been using Compressor and its standard H.264 preset for the last 6 months, and it just started having the same issue. I hit submit and it doesnt really do anything. It does add a line in the history panel see attachment.

I really need Compressor up and running again, Ive checked my Qmaster settings, they seem normal. I dont believe I changed any settings. Please help...
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