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Random Pixelation in DVDs
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TOPIC: Random Pixelation in DVDs

Random Pixelation in DVDs 9 years, 10 months ago #18563

  • Gilster
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Here's an interesting but frustrating problem. I get seemingly random screen pixelation from project to project, but the same places in each project. It looks like when you blow up a still image way too big and you get that pixeled look. It only happens only certain parts of the picture and only for a few seconds, and only on the DVD.

Here is my setup:
Mac G5 Dual Processor 2.0Mhz, 2.5 GB RAM
Canon GL2 MiniDV Video Camera
External FW 400 & 800 drives, (LaCie, FWDirect, Maxtor)
PCI ie1394 FW400 card
Pioneer DVD-RW  DVR-112D
MacBook Intel Core Dual
iDVD 6.0.4
Final Cut Express HD
Mac OSX (10.4.11) Disc Utility
Easy Setup: DV-NTSC

Here is my process:
I shoot on the GL2. Edit in Final Cut Express. Export finished sequences in Quicktime format. Import into iDVD and save the project as a disc image. (The DVD drive is not compatible with burns straight out of iDVD.) Burn disc image to DVD using OSX Disc Utility. I have also tried projects from internal and external FW drives. I have done over 20 successful 2 hr. videos before this problem appeared, on this current system. I am familiar with the LaCie/Canon incompatibility issue. I have tried making the export files and burning the project in the MacBook and got the same results.

Here is the problem:
I get random pixelation appearing in various places on the screen. Not the entire screen, just in patches, and only for a few seconds. It is in different places on every project. But it appears to be the same place on the same project. This leads me to think it is the export files. This problem only appeared in the last 6 months. My whole setup is 3 years old. Perhaps some hardware or software upgrades would help? Could cell towers cause a problem? There is one in my neighborhood. I might get a tumor.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Re: Random Pixelation in DVDs 9 years, 10 months ago #18567

  • Duane_Martin
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Does the pixelation really last for "a few seconds". I ask because this is really important. The difference is if it lasts for less than a second it is probably an i frame issue of the MPeg 2 compression. But if it is several seconds that is something different.

You state that it seems to happen in the same place. What is happening at that point in the video? A transition? An effect? A long series of short shots? Give us a clue if you could.

In the searchable manual available under the Help menu in FCE do a search for "Compression Markers". That may be the solution to your problem.

Nice one about the cell tower.
Duane E. Martin
Earth to Sky Pictures Inc.
Apple Certified Trainer - Final Cut Pro
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