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Rendering Issue: Final Cut Express
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TOPIC: Rendering Issue: Final Cut Express

Rendering Issue: Final Cut Express 8 years, 7 months ago #20543

I am trying to layer two videos together. I made a video and I am trying to put a logo on the video. I made a clip in Livetype and iimported it into FCE no problem. When I added the video my logo was in a bad location so I deleted the file and made another. When I finally got a NEW file with the same logo where I wanted it... FCE won't let me render it. Everywhere I put (dragged in) the file it became red in my timeline. Thinking I siimply had to re-render it. I tried. FCE keeps telling me that the file is in use by FCE or another application. Not understanding what was open - I tried restarting FCE, and my whole computer. Nothing seems to work. Frustrated I decided to REBUILD the entire video. except now when I do... even before I import this new clip. It says the same thing. "File Error: The specified file is open and in use by this or another application" This is the ONLY application running so it has to be FCE. I am a Noob to video editing and FCE. PLLLLLEASE help it is driving me nuts. Thank you.

Re: Rendering Issue: Final Cut Express 8 years, 7 months ago #20544

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Have you tried creating a very simple livetype file and importing that to see if it works? Also did you actually remove the livetype from the fce project (not just the timeline) or just delete the file and then resave a new one in livetype? Try starting a fce project from scratch and then bringing in the livetype file to see if that works. Are you bringing in the actual livetype project into fce or exporting a mov and then bringing that in?

Permissions could cause this problem, but I would doubt it. You could try and repair them from disk utility.

Alternatively you might try deleting the render files. In FCE I believe they're in the Final Cut Express Documents folder and then Render Files folder. Just be careful as I remember that render files from every project are stored here, but I haven't used fce in awhile so I can't be 100% sure of that.
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Re: Rendering Issue: Final Cut Express 8 years, 7 months ago #20545

I am sorry for the confusion. I read my post and it is not perfectly clear. I made a video in FCE. It is a mixed clip of different videos with a Live wire intro page. I file I tried to Layer on top of a section is a very simple video that I had imported in and it did work. (To answer your question, Yes) But this video was simply not made properly to "cover-up" what I wanted to "cover-up" with a logo. I am a noob and don't know another way. I tried importing my project into livetype to see if that would be easier because I could see my video in the background and make it easier on me. I couldn't figure that out quickly so I decided to just adjust  the original livetype simple video of just a logo and rename it. When I deleted the old video. I deleted in off of the timeline, off of my browser, and off of my computer. (To avoid confusion) Everywhere that I had dragged that first wrong simple logo clip, caused my timeline (video) to go red. So after deleting it I decided to try and render the project. I tried every type of rendering and received the same error. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry to leave so I decided to work on it later. and saved the project. Now I have a project (without a livetype video I deleted it) with red 7 second sections (where I dragged the video originally) that turned red. I cannot get them rendered for the life of me.
On to your other questions, I did try and use the same sources to rebuild a NEW FCE project. I imported my sources and started cutting out the unnecessary video and even that alone will not render. It tells me that the file is being used by this or another application. Once again, it is the only application open (other  than  finder). somehow I corrupted the original sources that I was trying to overlay. I appreciate the help...  I have a Monday morning presentation and hope to get it resolved by then. It's a learning process for me.
So I guess my questions are: How can I render my project --- why am I getting this error?    After I can render my project again, can I export my FCE project into Livetype to make creating a livetype video to cover what I see easier? Thanks.
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